Bylaws and Constitution



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Article I: Name and Seat of the Organization
Article II: Objectives
Article III: Membership and Benefits
Article IV: Structure of the Association
Article V: Registration
Article VI: Bureau of the Executive Committee of ACC-USA
Article VII: Term of Office of the Executive
Article VIII: Source of the Association’s Funding
Article IX: Meetings
Article X: Elections
Article XI: Assistance to Members
Article XII: Sanctions
Article XIII: Dissolution of the Association
Article XIV: Violations
Article XV: Final Provisions
Article XVI: Procedure to Amend the Constitution
Article XVII: Miscellaneous


We, the indigenes of Cameroon, residing in the United States of America, mindful of our shared responsibilities to ourselves and our collective responsibility to members of our association, have decided to unite our efforts, to ensure that our common goals are achieved.

In creating this association here in the United States of America, we:

  • Acknowledge that we will not deviate from our core principles as Cameroonians to which, our initiatives and endeavors shall be complimentary;
  • Have resolved to promote and galvanize our collective efforts in ensuring that we uphold this constitution.
  • Are determined to ensure and uphold the laws that unite us as members of ACC-USA by respecting and adhering to the laws of the United States of America, our host country;
  • Shall co-ordinate our activities to preserve the respect for one another;
  • Shall collaborate and encourage each other in their respective endeavors in order to promote and project a positive image of our home country Cameroon; and finally,
  • Are absolutely determined to encourage the development of each and every member throughout the United States of America, to be constituted under the acronym, ACC-USA.

Article I: Name and Seat of the Organization

Section A. This association shall be called the ASSOCIATION OF CAMEROONIANS IN COLORADO abbreviated simply as ACC-USA.

Section B. The seat of this association shall be based here in Colorado. However, branches of this association might in due course be established in other cities in the State of Colorado. All correspondences should be addressed to 2197 S TELLURIDE CT. AURORA CO. 80013.

Section C. The emblem or the logo of the association shall be a graphic description of some natural features of Cameroon…………….

Section D. Our Motto shall be “Together we will conquer”.



Section A: To assist one another in ways that will promote and encourage excellence in our association ACC-USA

Section B: To encourage networking between registered members so as to ensure their welfare, wellbeing and progress in society.

Section C: To encourage members to conduct themselves in ways that would promote a positive image of our association.

Section D: To assist all new members who relocate to Colorado settle down as long as they register with the association upon arrival.

Section E: To assist one another in case of need and when unforeseen circumstances arise like death, or life changing events.


Article III: Membership and Benefits

There shall be two categories of membership: Cameroonians resident here in Colorado, and other government officials like the Mayor, Governor etc. who are not necessarily indigenes of Cameroon but might be interested in helping the association. This latter group shall be referred to as honorary members whenever they decide to join the association.

Section A: Membership into ACC-USA; shall be open to all Cameroonians who are willing to abide by the rules and regulations of the association.

Section B:  Membership shall be open to all new members who have just moved to Colorado and want to join the association.

Section C: Honorary membership is open to those who are interested in the development and well-being of the association but might not necessarily be indigenes of Cameroon. The association shall determine who can be granted honorary status when need arises.

Section D: Branches can be formed from the parent association if people decide they want to be members but are resident in other cities here in Colorado and are unable to attend regular meetings because of distance. Their membership criteria shall be based on the provisions of their respective by-laws, which shall not deviate from ACC-USA constitution.

Section E : For a branch to be considered active, it must have at least 10 active members who are duly registered with ACC- USA and are meeting up with all of their dues.

Section F: Membership into the association and full benefits shall be guaranteed upon payment of a yearly registration fee in the first General assembly of the year and yearly membership dues (Annual dues) as prescribed in Article V: Section C. Membership shall be open to all new members who have moved to Colorado and are interested in joining the association. A new member must register in person during general assembly meetings and must be active for at least 3 months from the date of registration to be granted full benefits. Members will be introduced during general assembly meetings after serving a 3-month probationary period to be granted full membership and benefits. All members must complete their annual dues by the last general meeting of the year. Members who fail to meet up with their annual dues by the last meeting of the year will automatically lose their membership at the beginning of the new year. For a member to be re-instated who originally lost his or her membership, he or she must pay all accrued debts and serve a 3- month probationary period before being re-instated.

Section G: Depending on the membership and interest, members might in due course decide to enroll in ACC-USA Group Life insurance. If members decide to do this, each member shall be required to pay the annual premium to stay on the insurance each year. Members who do not pay their annual premium by a specific date and time set forth by those involved in the Group life Insurance program shall lose their coverage for that year but may re-enroll the following year based on the insurance company provision. Group life insurance enrollment is strictly voluntary for those interested. This association is NOT LIABLE for anything that happens to the group life insurance program as this is strictly voluntary.

Section H: A registered ACC-USA member can lose his/her membership through the following ways: death, resignation, expulsion or failure to meet up with payment of annual dues. However, if membership is lost through expulsion or resignation, such member(s) shall be required to hand over all ACC-USA belongings in his or her possession. If he or she fails to comply, the association shall use the services of the Justice Department to recover its belongings.

Article IV: Structure of the Association

Section A. ACC-USA Executive Committee

(i) The General Assembly as the sovereign organ; and,

(ii) The Executive as the executive organ.

Section B. Other branches in different cities here in Colorado

  • Shall liaise with the main branch here in Denver.

Section C: ACC-USA Executive Committee


(i) The General Assembly shall hold their annual meetings four times in a year in the months of January, April, July and October where important decisions affecting the association, shall be debated upon and agreed to by a 2/3 majority present. General assembly decisions are binding to all members whether present or not. It is the responsibility of all registered members to partake in general assembly meetings as these meetings are mandatory.

(ii) In the event of elections, the conditions and modalities shall be as spelt out in Article XI below.

(iii) The Executive Committee shall coordinate activities and initiate projects for the interest of the Association. It shall, through the General Secretariat of ACC-USA be kept up to date with the latest information about its members and their well-being.

(iv) The Executive Committee shall hold Teleconference meetings during emergencies as needed.

Section D. Branches

In the event a branch is created in a different city here in Colorado, the branch shall be required to submit minutes and all finances collected to the main branch for proper bookkeeping and accounting. The President of the main branch must be notified in case of any emergencies that may arise.



Section A. Member registration shall be done through ACC-USA or the branch to which the member belongs.

Section B: A duly registered member in any of the branches shall automatically become a member of the general body.

Section C: A yearly non-refundable mandatory registration fee of $25.00 for new and old members and an annual membership donation of $100.00 for all members shall be paid yearly except the general assembly decides otherwise. The registration fee must be paid on or before the first meeting of the year while the annual dues can be paid in instalments throughout the year but must be completed before the end of year party scheduled to take place in December of every year. The annual dues are supposed to cover miscellaneous activities in the meeting, end of year parties, other emergency collections that might be due when members are out of town etc. Members will decide in the first general assembly of the year how much will be collected for annual dues taking into consideration the budget presented by the Executive committee.

Section D: All duly registered members shall have voting rights during the General Assembly meeting and voting shall be done through a secret ballot.

Section E: The corresponding amount of member registration fees from any branch or branches shall be transferred to the main Executive branch that keeps a record of all the finances of the association.

Section F: At General Assemblies only duly registered members shall have voting rights. An ACC-USA member who is not duly registered shall have only a participant-observer status but without any franchise (voting rights).

Section G:  A quorum shall be attained when 2/3 of its members are present. However, any decision(s) taken shall be by simple majority.

Section H: The Executive Committee of ACC-USA has the power to schedule an extra-ordinary session, whenever an emergency arises.

Section I: The Executive President has the authority to convene a special General Assembly session, to address special matters necessary for the smooth functioning of the association. Such matters shall include but not limited to the organization of special elections in the event of a vacancy.

Article VI: Bureau of the Executive Committee of ACC-USA

  1. President
  2. Vice President
  3. Secretary General
  4. Treasurer
  5. Financial Secretary
  6. Publicity Secretary
  7. Legal Adviser
  8. Social Secretaries (2)
  9. Website manager
  10. Compliance Coordinator /AKA Chief Whip
  11. Community Outreach Coordinator


  1. The President.

The duties of the President shall comprise the following:

(a) Shall run the affairs of the Executive Committee and by extension, those of the General Assembly during meetings.

(b) Shall preside at meetings.

(c) Shall be the mouth-piece of the Association in public matters and shall represent (alone or accompanied) the Association in official meetings, forums, etc. In his/her absence, the powers and responsibilities shall be delegated to the Vice-President.

(d) Shall work with other branches that might be formed as the association expands.

(e) Shall be one of the signatories of the association’s account and shall authorize all association’s expenditures.

(f) Shall be provided with an annual petit cash allowance of $200.00, to spend on important issues that may boost the image of the association. The President does not need the approval of the General Assembly to spend the annual petit cash amount. However, all of his/her expenditures of the said amount must be backed by an appropriate receipt to ensure proper book-keeping.

(g) If an Executive member becomes incapacitated, resigns or is unable to perform his or her functions, the President shall appoint someone to act in the interim until the next general assembly where elections will be conducted to fill the void or vacancy.

(h) The President shall oversee the various departments and make sure the association is running smoothly.

  1. Vice President

(a) Shall assist the Executive President in the discharge of his functions where necessary.

(b) Shall assume the functions of the Executive President in the situation where the Executive President is incapable to discharge his/her duties, impeached, resignation, or any form of absence that may be detrimental to the smooth functioning of the association.

  1. Secretary General

(a). Shall be entrusted with the Secretarial duties of the association.

(b) Shall liaise with the President to prepare meetings, minutes, and ensure the safe-keeping of the association’s records.

(c) Shall keep the Executive President up to date with the activities of the association and that of its various branches.

(d) Shall execute all directives of the Executive President with the goal of ensuring the smooth functioning of the association.

(e) Shall keep track of the date new members register and note same in the minutes. Shall together with the financial secretary notify the general assembly when newly registered members have completed their 3- month probationary period and are ready to be received and be granted full ACC membership.

  1. Treasurer

(a) Shall be the keeper of all funds of the Association.

(b) Shall ensure that all funds are deposited in the association’s bank account within two business days of receipt of such funds.

(c) Shall keep a log book of all association’s financial activities.

(d) Shall issue receipts for all funds deposited and keep duplicates of every transaction.

(e) Shall keep the check book, passbook and any other bank documents of the Association.

(e) Shall prepare and submit a statement of income and expenditure to the General Assembly and to the Executive upon request.

(f) Shall be one of the signatories of the association’s bank accounts.

(g) Shall maintain an electronic record of the association’s account and be ready to present such records upon request, and when it is necessary, in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the association.

  1. Public Relations Officer.

(a) Be in-charge of creating, promoting and maintaining a favorable relationship between the Association and the public.

(b) Shall assist the General Secretary in his or her absence.

(c) Shall consult and obtain the approval of the Executive Committee of ACC-USA on issues of policy of the association, or on issues that may be controversial in nature: political, religious or otherwise, that may dampen the image of the association.

  1. Financial Secretary

(a) Shall be the financial recorder and custodian of the financial activities of the association.

(b) Shall be responsible for collecting the association’s debt.

(c) Shall make all payments of all funds collected within two business days after collecting such funds to the Treasurer and keep the records and receipts.

(d) Shall be one of the signatories of the association’s bank accounts.

(e) Shall keep a finance register, a receipt book and an expenditure voucher book.

(f) Shall provide a comprehensive financial statement/report of the association’s account to the General Assembly during the association’s quarterly meetings.

(g) Shall assume some of the functions of the Treasurer in his or her absence.

(h) Shall keep track of the date new members register and note same in the finance book. Shall together with the secretary general notify the general assembly when newly registered members have completed their 3- month probationary period and are ready to be received and be granted full ACC membership.


  1. Legal Adviser

(a) Shall advise the Executive President on legal matters that may be injurious to the Association.

(b) Shall carry out special functions that the Executive President assigns to them.

(c) Shall represent the Association together with the Executive President in all litigation in which the Association is a party to.

  1. The Web Manager

(a) Shall develop a team to manage the Association’s web content online.

(b) Should ensure that his team manages and develop the “look and feel” of the Association’s online presence.

(c) Shall act as moderator for forums, mailing lists or other collaborative tools.

(d) Shall participate or monitor and moderate community discussions.

(e) Shall liaise with the General Secretariat to facilitate publishing of specific data to the web.  Shall enroll new members with the approval of the President.

(f) Shall update the web content on periodic basis based on changes in the Association.

(g) Shall notify the executive president of any mischievous activities for necessary action by the Executive committee.


  1. Auditors

(a) Independent ad hoc auditors shall be appointed by the General Assembly during the last meeting in December, to audit the financial records of the Association.

(b) In the case of any emergency, the General Assembly may tender a motion to solicit the designation of auditors to whom the Association’s accounts and documents shall be readily made available for auditing to permit the smooth functioning of the Association.

(c) The auditors have the powers to summon an extra-ordinary General Assembly meeting to present the final report of their findings, that is, if their activities extend beyond the December meeting.

(d) Upon request by the auditors, all related materials of the association shall be provided to them. None shall impede their work upon request of documents.

(e) Auditors are not part of the executive committee, but shall be appointed by the ACC general assembly to work with the executive to oversee and audit the finances of the association. They shall be three in number and given a two-year mandate non –renewable.

  1. Compliance Coordinator /AKA Chief Whip(a) shall make sure that all the processes and guidelines stipulated in the constitution, as well as generally agreed decisions are followed

(b) Shall monitor and ensure that members comply with all forms of discipline and obligations not only limited to timely attendance of get together

(c) Shall interact directly with various team leaders, project teams, and various executives to ensure that they perform their functions and duties as agreed and as expected

(d) Shall ensure that no one tarnishes the reputation and image of the group in any manner, ensuring that members are compliant to good behavior and any applicable regulations

(e) Shall be involved and follow up on all decisions and good practices which are made in the interest of the group, such as records keeping, policy changes, accountability, transparency, continuity, conflict resolution, risk mitigations, social interaction, any form of growth and progress.

(f) Should be conversant of the operations, terms of references, rules and regulations guiding all other positions


  1. Community Outreach Coordinator

(a) Shall advise new members and existing members on the resources available In the USA as a whole and to Colorado in particular

(b) Shall advice students and workers on useful job search strategies, when and how to switch careers

(c) Shall motivate, orientate and encourage our community members on investment opportunities, initiatives and decisions

(d)Shall carry out feasibility studies and researches on how to expand the presence of ACC

(e) Shall solicit grants, gifts, and sponsorships from new and continuing partners to develop the organization.

(f) Shall be one of the ambassadors of ACC to interact with various third parties (Potential partners, Media, Schools and other associations or organizations)


Article VII: Term of Office of the Executive

(a)The executive of the association shall be subjected to a two (2) years mandate renewable once, to guide and lead the association.

(b) No individual can have a mandate to hold two concurrent positions at any one time.

(c) In an event that a member of the Executive Committee resigns or is unable to carry out the responsibilities of his/her office, the Executive President shall call for an emergency session of the General Assembly to conduct special election(s) referred to in Article VI (Section G) to replace such a member.

(d) Former Presidents can be co-opted into the executive as advisers when their terms of office are over.


Article VIII: Source of the Association’s Funding

(A) The Association shall obtain financing from the following sources:

(i) Registrations and annual donations by members;

(ii) Free will donations from well-wishers and NGO’s

(iii)Fines, as defined by the Executive Committee; and,

(iv) Interests and dividends accruing from savings and investments;

(v)  Donations and gifts from members and well-wishes

(B) Specific levies, dues, fines and contributions shall be the subject of a Finance Charter that shall be separate documentation with referral link to the constitution through this article. Corporate and social activities that the Association shall engage in, to generate funds for her sustainability, shall also be elaborated in the Finance Charter. (A charter is just an agreement as you well know and it does not contravene any law in the US)

(C) The Executive Committee shall be the custodian of funds as described in A and B above.

(D) No degree of emergency shall necessitate a unilateral withdrawal of funds from the account by any executive member without prior authorization. Any withdrawal should have prior approval by the General Assembly meeting at a general session, or an emergency session.

(E) The members of the Executive Committee are jointly or severally liable in case of mismanagement of resources.

(F) Legal action or any other due process shall be used to recover funds that were mismanaged or unapproved by the General Assembly.  Executive Committee members may be subjected to an audit.

(G) The President, the Treasurer and Financial Secretary shall open an account in the name of the Association with any recognized, viable and readily accessible financial institution. The three executive members shall be joint signatories to the said account. Cash withdrawals from this account shall be legitimated by the signature of the President, the Treasurer and the Financial Secretary or the President and either the Treasurer or the Financial Secretary. Except otherwise prescribed and based on documentary proof, the Executive Committee shall, through the signatories to the Association’s account, disburse such sums as are necessary for the fulfillment of the requirements laid down in Chapters IV and V above.

(H) All payments shall be done by a check issue from the association’s bank account or shall be reimbursed with a presentation of receipts on a pre-authorized expenditure by the Executive Committee or the General Assembly.


Article IX: Meetings


  • The General Assembly shall sit four times in a year in the months of December, March, June and September. However, the Executive Committee may re-schedule at such times as convenience necessitates.
  • During the General Assembly sessions, only registered members shall have voting rights. An ACC-USA member who is not duly registered shall have only an observer status without voting rights.
  • In the event we have recognized branches, each branch shall provide an up-dated list of its registered members as long as the branches exist.
  • The General Assembly shall hold an extra-ordinary or emergency session if and when circumstances do warrant. Such sessions shall be either at the behest of the Executive Committee or a motion tabled by two thirds of the majority of members.

Article X: Elections.

(i) The Executive Committee shall be voted upon by a majority of votes cast during the General Assembly. Voting shall be by secret ballot.

(ii) Elections may be held during an ordinary or extra-ordinary General Assembly in the event of an unforeseen circumstance.


The General Assembly ACC-USA shall be managed by;

  • The General Assembly as the sovereign organ and the Executive Committee as the executive organ. The General Assembly shall be held four times during the course of the year. However, other circumstances may compel the Executive Committee to summon an extra-ordinary meeting, to address emergency matters. In the event of elections, the conditions and modalities shall be as spelt out as in Article IX.
  • The Executive Committee shall coordinate activities of the association and initiate projects (which must be approved by the General Assembly) for the interest of the Association. It will, through the Secretariat, be kept abreast of the latest developments in each branch that exist.
  • The Executive Committee shall hold its meetings before every general   assembly or as need arises.


Article XI: Assistance to Members

Assistance in the events of joy or sorrow shall be defined by internal rules and regulations. However, because one of the goals of the existence of this organization is to ensure the welfare and well -being of one another, the Executive President, in collaboration with the rest of the Executive shall coordinate activities to assist member(s) who suffer a loss. These can be:

(i) Death of a member or a member’s child here in Colorado: In the event we lose a registered member who has complied with all of his or her financial obligations, each registered member of the meeting shall be required to contribute the sum of $100.00 each for the deceased. This money shall be handed over to the next of kings or the head of the family for burial arrangements. This amount will be looked into and modified as need arises when the association will be able to register its members into group life insurance or other insurance benefits. Members who fail to contribute for others will pay a penalty as will be decided by the general assembly. Failure to pay the penalty as stipulated by the general assembly on a specified date will result in loss of membership until such fines are paid in full. Depending on membership at the time of loss, the executive committee will decide as to the amount the bereaved family will receive. The general assembly will in due course decide on a specified amount to be given to each bereaved family. This amount will be decided when the membership of the association is stable and we are sure who active members are following the records of the financial secretary.

(ii) Incidence such as (fire hazard, tornado, earthquake, hurricane, accidents), all resulting to loss of property or health might be subjected to freewill donations from members depending on the gravity of the situation. The President must be notified immediately such a situation arises for proper action.

(iii)Social activities like baby showers will be by invitation only and members will be highly encouraged to bring gifts in kind and cash.

(iv) Deaths involving the nuclear families of members (mother, father, brother, sister and spouse) not registered in the meeting shall all be subjected to freewill donations from members whenever the meeting is notified of a condolence visit. The President must be notified before any such news is published on the association’s website or before any email is sent out to notify members.


Article XII: Sanctions

(i) The Association shall sanction any member guilty of indiscipline or of other misconducts that may compromise the smooth functioning of the association. And, no such charges shall be arbitrary.

(ii) Sanctions shall range from payment of defined sums to suspensions and/or expulsion from the association.

(iii) In the case of a member misconduct sanctions to be meted out shall be warning(s), suspensions, fines or expulsion. Such sanctions shall be recommended by the Executive Committee but the ultimate decision to act on the sanction shall rest with the General Assembly.

(iv) There shall be no sanction without prior query.

Article XIII: Dissolution of the Association

(a) Any decision to dissolve the association shall be tabled by any member of the association to the General Assembly prior to the general assembly, who shall review the matter before making its final recommendation.

(b) The intention to dissolve the association shall be done in writing forty-five (45) days before the date of dissolution.

(c) The decision sanctioning the dissolution of the ACC-USA. shall be done by 80% or 2/3 of the majority of members’ vote sitting at the General Assembly.

(d) In the event of dissolution, the General Assembly shall officially appoint a liquidator to liquidate the Association’s assets and pay out outstanding debts. Any remaining assets after all debts owed by the association have been paid shall be donated to charity.


Article XIV: Violations

In order for members to build a better image and a more vibrant association as spelled out in the Preamble of ACC-USA constitution, they are therefore expected to remain true and loyal to our association. Members who do not abide by the laws of the association shall be charged with any of the following infractions or violations if they are found guilty. However, the decision or power to warn, suspend and expel remains with the General Assembly. And a member, who is not satisfied with the decision of the General Assembly, can pursue other options.

(a) If a member or members misrepresent(s) herself/himself/themselves as authorities of the association that s/he/they is/are not.

(b) If a member or custodian of the association’s property or funds knowingly and willingly converts such property or funds in his/her/their care into private use or misappropriates or embezzles the association’s funds.

(c) If a member or members indulge(s) in activities outside the confines of the association, which may reflect poorly on the image of the association.

(d) If a member or members are disruptive during meetings that such member/members have been called to order but disobeys such lawful command by a duly elected representative of the association or that of the General Assembly

(e) Refusal to make annual donations required of each member either at the Branch or at the Executive Committee level of the organization.

Article XV: Final Provisions

The provisions of this constitution shall be binding to all members of ACC-USA and its ancillary organs, referred in Article IV (Section D) simply as, branches. Similarly, the constitution of ACC-USA is binding to all registered members.

Article XVI: Procedure to Amend the Constitution

  1. a) Amendments to the constitution shall be done every two years (2) and shall be debated and sanctioned by two third majority votes sitting at the General Assembly session.
  2. b) Any proposed review(s) to the constitution shall be submitted to the Executive Committee, which has a duty to bring such proposed review(s) at the designated period.
  3. c) If the Executive Committee fails to bring submitted proposals for amendments to the constitution at the general assembly, the member (who shall be in good standing as referred in Article V (Section C)) shall call the attention of the General Assembly on the general assembly floor provided all requirements to submit such amendment(s) has been met by the member(s).

Article XVII: Miscellaneous

This constitution shall be the governing body of ACC-USA. Any abrogation of any of the article of this constitution by any member of the association shall be punishable as provided in Article XIII.