The community of Cameroonians in the State of Colorado, particularly those living in the Denver metro area got together in 2016 and decided to start an association. It is estimated that there are more than 200 families in Colorado with attachment to Cameroon, either by birth, marriage, etc.  It is estimated that 70% of the adults have college degrees with some employed in relatively good positions. Unfortunately, most of those degree holders are not employed in areas of their education/expertise.

The Association of Cameroonians in Colorado


The community of Cameroonians in the State of Colorado, particularly those living in the Denver metro area got together  in 2016 and decided to start an association “The Association of Cameroonians in Colorado” registered as a non-profit corporation in Colorado, with the following goals:

  • Bring Cameroonians and Friends of Cameroon living in the State of Colorado together
  • To preserve and promote the Cameroonian culture and Traditions
  • To encourage Colorado Cameroonians to explore career options that will drive them to succeed
  • To celebrate success stories in the Colorado Cameroonian Community; Marriages, Graduations, New borns, Business startups, etc
  • To socialize as we celebrate our Cameroonian Heritage and culture through annual functions like; Cameroonian Independence, Birthdays, New Years Celebrations, Christmas Day, Football, etc
  • Advocate for the recognition of the contributions and impact made by immigrants to the US, especially from the Cameroonian Community
  • Provide timely information and/or legal assistance to those seeking legal or permanent status. See more on our Resources page
  • Conduct training sessions in information technology, small business start-ups, cultural, art, and other endeavors
  • Increase participation and membership with community organizations with similar goals

Our number one objective is a very simple formula for any immigrant community! We cannot and shall not achieve all the other objectives if we are not together and united.