Association of Cameroonians in Colorado


The Association
of Cameroonians in

Bringing Our Community Together 


A vision can never be killed. It can only be neglected — African proverb 

ACC aims to be a great, efficient, and accountable organization whose relevance is measured not just by how many members it has, but more importantly by how much impact it makes in the world. ACC encourages work that invites, recognizes, and incorporates the work of other community associations in Colorado and around the world as part of its activities.

Following strong recommendations from other organizations in the Denver, Colorado, and US communities of Africans in the diaspora, ACC describes itself as “one of the best run and managed African associations in Colorado.”

The organization’s mission, vision, goals, and objectives seek to serve a community that is both young and old. The older generation hopes to pass the baton to the young and keep the community’s mission alive for generations to come. 


Bringing Our Community Together

Increase participation and membership with community organizations with similar goals.

Bring Cameroonians and friends of Cameroon living in the State of Colorado together.

To preserve and promote the Cameroonian culture and traditions

To socialize with each other —celebrate our Cameroonian heritage and culture through annual functions, including Cameroonian Independence Day, New Year’s Day Celebrations, Christmas Day, Denver Broncos Football, etc.

Provide timely information and/or legal assistance to those seeking legal or permanent legal status in America.

To encourage Colorado Cameroonians to explore career options that will drive them to succeed.

To celebrate success stories in the Colorado Cameroonian Community –marriages, graduations, child births, dedications, business startups, etc.

Advocate for the recognition of the contributions and impact made by immigrants to the US, especially from the Cameroonian Community.

Conduct training sessions in information technology, small business start-ups, cultural, art, and other endeavors