Association of Cameroonians in Colorado


The Association
of Cameroonians in

Bringing Our Community Together 

Ask Not What Your Country Can do For You. Ask What You Can Do for Your Country -John F. Kennedy 

Quarterly Community Gathering

ACC community gatherings, held every four months provide the opportunity for members to get together, discuss and sort out the affairs of the community over food and drinks. Most community gatherings take place on Saturdays unless otherwise stated in the community calendar’

These community gatherings are structured so as to allow a fine balance between work, family, and the community. Community gatherings bring adults, and children — mother, father, brothers, sisters, cousins, aunties, and uncles — for a time of lunch or dinner, all the while planning the success of the community. 

Quarterly community gatherings are chaired by the association’s president. 

Executive Committee Meetings

Executive meetings, for those in leadership, bring the association’s leaders together about a month or two before the association’s quarterly community gathering. Executive meetings are an opportunity for leaders to not only plan but a way to address association matters.

A Summer Picnic And BBQ

The summit picnic is a time for everyone to come out during the warm weather in Colorado and enjoy the environment, play games, meet new people, all the while enjoying great food provided by the association or its friends and partners.  

ACC Elections

ACC elections are an opportunity to help build a strong and dynamic community we all can be proud of. Elections are held every 2 years.  We take this opportunity to offer our thanks to all of the incoming and outgoing officers, especially the ones who have served us well, for keeping our community viable.

ACC Back to School Drive - Scholarship Funds

The back to school drive provides book and other supplies to students returning to teh classroom. It is also an opportunity to raise funds to provided much needed supplies to any one in need ot assistance to further their educational aspsirations. 

The ACC back to schoo, drive has benefited students in the Aurora and Denver public school systems in the United States. Contributions are welcomed from ACC members as well as the public. 

An Annual End of Year Party

The ACC End of Year Party or Celebration is considered one of the best and biggest activities of the association. It is not just a time for merriment that members cherish. It is a time when everyone comes together around tables filled with food, drinks, and gifts to celebrate what ACC accomplished for the year. 

The night usually culminates with the ringing in of the new year. 

In 2022, the association end of year celebration was marked with the presentation of awards to its members that strived to go above and beyond the responsibilities that association placed on them. In addition, many members of the association that achived educational and busines success were recognized with certificates of achievement signed by the association president.